Fire Truck Triptych
Pottery Barn Kids

Art direction: Allison Spampanato

The whole idea of painting a fire truck over three canvases was the art director's. She told me to paint it upstairs on the top floor. This was back when the product development department was at the Mariposa building in the East Mission, and at that time, the entire top floor was empty, with bare, concrete floors and large windows. The space—like a huge artist's loft—inspired me, and I ran downstairs and asked her if I could do the whole thing in latex house paint. "Sure!" she replied. I worked quickly, slapping it on so thick that many splatters and drops scattered all over it. The end product was gloriously loud.

Years later, when product development had moved to the Ice House, a designer informed me that several artists were still knocking-off my firetruck and selling them on Etsy. (
I just checked, and it's still going on.)